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Are you feeling overwhelmed, busier than ever or finding that you have no time to do the things you want to do?


Do you grapple with managing your never ending to-do list; trying to fit IT all in?


Are you stuck in the "nap-time' paralysis (spending all your time just trying to figure out which task to do first)?

We know, mama, because we're right there with you. 


We know you have a lot on your plate and sometimes, no matter how delicately you plan, getting in that 30-40 minute workout during the day just isn't possible.

We know how it feels to get into a good rhythm only to have life get in the way; someone gets sick, a new extracurricular starts up, or projects at work leave you feeling drained.

We know, because it happens to us too.

That's why we created 10 Minute Mama- Quick workouts for busy & overwhelmed moms that work with your life, your season, & your schedule.

In 10 minutes or less

I'm Lauren.

I'm the owner behind Lauren Mott Fitness, a proud military spouse, and mama to a sweet little girl and baby boy! 

I'm a certified personal trainer and specializes in pre and postnatal fitness.

It is my mission to help women discover their strength and provide them with the tools to create a sustainable, active lifestyle. 

I'm also Lauren. 

​I'm a wife and mother who is passionate about teaching other women the value of movement and mindfulness. 


I'm a yoga teacher, personal trainer, postnatal fitness specialist, and I have my master's degree in Exercise Science.

While I've been in the field for 15 years, my heart belongs to helping mamas move better and feel better about the season they are in.